About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of quality art, craft and display materials to cater for all manner of creative outlets – for children and adults alike. From educational craft projects to artists papers, photography backdrops to craft kits for leading license and own label to jewellery making and more.

creative backgrounds

Industry leaders with Fadeless® and Bordette® being the by-word for quality displays.

educational products

We are the largest manufacturers and distributors of classroom display materials and craft materials.

licensed products

Cbeebies; Mister Maker; National History Museum.

artist papers

Strathmore Artist Papers is one of the world’s leading artist papers brands. View the latest catalogue here.

jewellery supplies

Rare Flair™ offers the latest products, share your work, earn money and stay on top of the trends and fashions in the world of jewellery making.

bespoke private labels

Leading innovation and great value to customers needs. Tailoring retail needs through flexibility and experience.